Hello Friends! We here at Oceans Divide have some exciting news – loose ends are getting tied up on the release of our next album, Rough Among Diamonds, and we are reaching out to our fans to help us get this monumental project off the ground! The recordings are finished, the artwork is being worked on, and distribution is in the planning stages – the only thing missing is…money! Putting an album release together without label help is difficult at best, so we are launching a Kickstarter website to give our fans (that’s you!) an opportunity to personally aid in the release of our music and get us on the road to see you! For those of you who don’t know what a Kickstarter is, it is an online platform that allows anyone who believes in our music to donate however much they feel it is worth. In return, whoever gives us money will receive any of multiple rewards – signed cd’s, pre-release date copies of the new album, shirts, hoodies and posters. For those who donate over $100, the reward packages include private listening parties, a date with Oceans Divide, private acoustic performances, guitar lessons from the twins, or a personally written and recorded song just for you!


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