Rock is Undead!

So It’s been a while and the band has been on an extended hiatus for the last 2 years.  I know several of us our working on some other projects and god willing we will revisit Oceans Divide one day.  I have been looking back at originally why we stepped away from this band.  Honestly it came down to money!  To keep a band on the road, fed, insured and working just didn’t make sense cost wise.  The industry has changed so much the last 10 years but to break through still takes a huge financial investment.  The old guard still rules the biggest outlets to get heard.  Our saving grace was the fans and those who found us online through youtube videos, music forums and different niche communities who love rock and roll.  I don’t think rock n roll will ever die but it isn’t going to be what it once was.  The fact that people don’t buy CDs anymore and that digital singles purchases are slowly being replaced by streaming it’s getting very hard to make a living as independent artists these days.  If your favorite band comes into town remember to pick up their CD, buy a t-shirt and pay for a ticket to a show.  Every dollar helps them keep the music going.

Much love,

Chris McCoy, singer, husband, father of two fur babies

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